Business Tycoons That Succeeded Before the Age of 30

In today’s world, there are various opportunities that awaits each one of us. Some are risk takers, paving the way for their own entrepreneurial development, while some already have the idea and passion and just waiting for the right time. To be able to feature prominent business people in shows such as Manjit Minhas Dragons Den, these business tycoons had to bet on their gut feel and hope that things will work out. Here are some people who succeeded in their chosen businesses before the age of thirty:


  1. Manjit Minhas

As mentioned above, Minhas is now part of the reality show Dragons Den where aspiring business proprietors will present their product or idea to be able to gain investors and funding sources to jumpstart their dream business. Minhas was chosen as one of the approving ‘dragons’ or business investor because of how she was able to grow a humble company that she established with her brother, to a company that now exports thousands of spirits and brewed drinks to all parts of the world. Starting when she was just 19, Minhas and her brother were able to purchase the second oldest brewery in the United States only a few years in the business. It only proves that determination can lead you where you want to go.


  1. Michelle Phan

Because our world is now defined by technology, Phan was able to utilize the internet to gain popularity and served as her investment in creating her own make up line. Michelle Phan started as a youtube star posting tutorials on how to apply make up. She used the popularity she received to start a business in line with cosmetics which was called Ipsy- it’s a subscription offer she started in 2012. Phan has also partnered with prominent makeup lines such as L’oreal. She is a living testimony that nothing is impossible- from posting videos and sharing your opinions, Phan, just age 27, is now worth millions because of her product line and Youtube channel.


  1. Evan Spiegel

Spiegel is a cofounder and currently the CEO of the behemoth social media platform snapchat. It is a photo-messaging app that has been able to amass a whopping 100million users. The business ventures of younger generation are mostly focused on apps and other technological advancements, and even if there are other much prominent platforms, Spiegel captured the preference of users hence the public patronized his app. Other giant companies on the online web tried to buy his app, but Spiegel did not give in. To this day, it’s still one of the top apps being used for the online community. The 24-year-old developer only proves and shows to us that even fun and games can be a source of income as long as you continue pushing boundaries and not setting limits for yourself.


There are various ways on how you can also become a business tycoon- first, you have to decide which sector of the market are you planning to invest on? A physical store, or try your luck with online transactions? Not all of us are programmers that have the capability to design and develop games, but this is to inspire you that everything is possible despite the trials and the constant nagging that you’re still too young. These business tycoons took their passions into a whole new level, and now they’re reaping the rewards of their hard work. We all have to start somewhere, and a good business man learns from his mistakes. Never be too afraid to fall, if it does happen, get up and start again.

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